Prevention and Safety

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This manual informs us on how to act in an emergency, is aimed at employees, students and visitors.


Directly searchable PDF or downloadable from the link. 

(information service UMH Risk Prevention) 


  •   Information on how to act in case of emergency

 Emergency Phone   

Telephone Communications Center for emergency treatment UMH, 

For incidents notices, information and emergency support in the opening hours of the Unviersidad:


Phone: 8665 (96 665 8665 for external call) 

Communications Center provides: 

a) reacting instructions, guide, support and inform / emergency treatment. 

b) Cellular components of different emergency teams that can act and / or where applicable, of the university authorities to be informed decision or the incidence or emergency presented. 

If necessary require foreign aid directly, call 112, but where possible inform the incidence phone 8665 produced and actions taken (to avoid possible duplication or increase support required). 

If you can not make phone calls, go / contact the concierge or security personnel. 

Note: at night or on holidays attends the security control center at the University, Tel 96 665 8949 or 8949 

(information service UMH Risk Prevention)  

Manual “Emergency Measures” (operating Procedim.)  


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12 December 2012