The primary aim of the Department of Physiology is to provide a high level of training in physiology to students of several disciplines, most of them related to health sciences. The physiology is the study of the normal function of living beings, which is a fundamental knowledge for medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, nursing, psychology, bioengineering etc. The department’s faculty teaches at undergraduate level in the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Experimental Sciences and Social and Health Sciences, and it has developed twelve accredited courses in human and animal physiology in degrees adapted to the EHEA. In its pursue for excellence in teaching, the faculty uses many educational resources for developing the students’ learning and analytical skills through a consistent program of activities. The Department also participates in postgraduate courses, including the Doctorate program in Neuroscience and the Master’s in Biotechnology. Besides the teaching activities, the members of the Department develop active research projects in a wide range of fields through their membership to the Institutes of Neuroscience and Biotechnology: ocular neurobiology, sensory transduction, nociception, electrophysiology of the prefrontal cortex, biophysics of ionic channels and endocrine cell physiology. The department is also involved in international projects of cooperation in underdeveloped countries.

23 November 2012